3/5/22: So, I lost everything I made in 2022.

While on a trip to Indiana, I decided it would be a good idea to bring my hard drive with me (the one I store all my assets on) and as a result, got a fair bit of stuff done. Unfortunately, however, my luck didn't last long. When I got home, I found that my computer would not find the files I made during my trip, and later, wouldn't let me access anything. I tried following tutorials on YouTube on how to get my stuff back to no avail, and as a result had no choice but to format my hard drive. Thankfully, I had a backup of my stuff from late 2021, so not everything was lost, but everything I was working on before the journey home, was. I'm still really upset by this but Thankfully I had a backup of my stuff from late 2021 and I am actively working to fix it. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

1/4/22: I tried Vegas Pro 15 for the first time in a desperate attempt to fix a very common problem with Vegas.

The problem? None of my .MOV or .M4A files would work properly. Period. I've tried everything. Tutorials, advice from old forum posts, even upgrading to Vegas Pro 15. The latter of which, to put it lightly, didn't go well. It was incredibly laggy and even with all the changes I made internally it was still laggy and tended to crash on certain projects. Worse still, it didn't fix the issues I have with opening MOV and M4A files. I'll just stick with Vegas Pro 14. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

11/29/21: I went to the funny Thomas expo in Edison and fricking loved it

Recently, I went to the Greenberg Train Show in Edison, New Jersey, and I fricking loved every second there. Seeing old friends and making new ones was really fun and I got to see some epic (and sometimes really funny) models there. I am currently working on a video doccumenting my experience at the event, but while you wait for that you can check out the photos I posted over on my Twitter page. Oh, I also made a new twitter, but I'll talk about that another time. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

9/12/21: This site is officially 1 year old!

I just realized that this month marks the 1st anniversary of the Y0Y0Evan website! I can't believe it's been so long since I first started this site, but it's like they always say; Time flies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has helped to support this site over the past year it's been up. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon. Here's to another year of this 2009-esque website!

8/23/21: All Engines Go aired in Mexico today, but I'd rather wait for the English dub first.

I was made aware recently about the up-and-coming Thomas & Friends reboot (All Engines Go) airing in Mexico today. But before you ask, no, I'm not watching it just yet. I get that there may (or may not idk) be a seperate audio track for the English dub or something, but I feel like it'd be best to wait until the show comes out proper here in the US to give my two cents on it, as well as what time it airs. And yes, I will talk shortly about it airing in Mexico before the US in my up-and-coming review. Also, my friend Ben sent me this meme which gave me a good chuckle. Mexican Thomas fans must be very confused as to what they saw this morning on Canal 5. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

6/9/21: I saw some newly leaked All Engines Go storyboards and died laughing for some reason.

I was made aware recently that someone working for Nelvana dropped some All Engines Go Storyboards. I won't spoil it here, as you should really go see them yourself (that is if Mattel doesn't take them down) but nonetheless, I am currently working on a video showing off my blind reaction to these new storyboards. It's not really a major video, just something to hold you guys off until my next major video comes out. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

4/25/21: Twitter responded to my appeal, and the response was predictable af.

Less than two months ago, I got suspended from twitter over a meme. Just two days ago they concluded that I was still in violation of their rules, even though all i did was recite a stupid meme. As a result of this, I am NOT going back to Twitter. And even if I change my mind and DO come back, It'll be a REALLY long time from now. But for now, screw those guys. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

3/5/21: I got suspended from twitter today over a meme.

Recently, I got suspended from twitter because I tried to do the "we are going to beat you to death" meme. As a result, I have temporarily removed my Twitter button from my site. If the appeal does not go through, I will instead be posting updates either on Instagram or on MeWe. I have sent an appeal to Twitter, but I am extremely doubtful they'll get it and lift the suspension. It's like George Carlin once said; "Some people are really f*cking stupid." More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

1/27/21: A trailer for the Thomas reboot dropped today, and nobody is happy.

So Mattel recently dropped a trailer for the upcoming Thomas & Friends reboot. Animation wise, it's okay (because as mentioned before, Nelvana may be at the helm animation-wise), but I side with a majority of the fandom when I say it looks a little babyish. However, I am not a guy who likes to jump to conclusions when it comes to reboots. This was the case for Blue's Clues and You, that god awful PowerPuff Girls reboot from 5 years ago, amongst others. As mentioned before (again), I will be giving my honest opinion on this show when the first few episodes drop. As always, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

1/18/21: My last non-TTTE vid is coming out soon. What's coming after that?

After three long years, the commentary era of Y0Y0Evan is coming to a close. My last commentary video is going live on January 30th at 1:00 PM EST, and I don’t really know if I will ever go back. The commentary era was an experiment, something I wanted to try my hand at doing. But I wouldn’t necessarily call it a failure, because it wasn’t. In fact, I’d consider it a success. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. So, with that said, what can you expect from me in the future? A lot of things, actually. First of all, one month after my newest video goes live on my birthday (30th January at 1:00 EST) I will be unlisting all of my non-TTTE content, and putting it all in a playlist, which you can find here. Secondly, expect a lot more experimental content, including some reuploads from my second channel, N0N0Vezm, which is gonna become Y0Y0Evan Extras after the rebrand. And finally, expect a lot of Trainz and Tomy content to come, including a full rewrite of Evan Rides Again. That's all I have to say for now. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.


Yea, another rebrand. If you guys don't know, every year I rebrand my channel in some way that makes today's Y0Y0Evan different from yesterday's Y0Y0Evan. This year is no different. I will further explain the reasoning behind this rebrand in a video on my YouTube channel on New Year's Day. But for now, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

11/19/20: I wore a fursuit in a dream I had last night and it was weird

And before you ask, no. I am not a furry (and I hope that I won't be in the future), but the night before Christma-- i mean this post, I had a dream about being at this weird place full of people (and yes there were furries there too), and it was a pretty social place. A lot of the people there were really nice. Then, next thing I know, I am in a fursuit, wandering around, getting a sort of feel for what being inside a fursuit is like. (and yes, it was warm and sweaty in there.) And so, I sit down to rest, and then, the dream ends. Dreams are super weird, and I actually do plan on making a video about weird dreams I had. In fact, this has been on my to-do list since the days before the pandemic was a thing. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

10/24/20: So I went to see TATMR on the big screen

And oh boy, WHAT. A. BLAST. I loved seeing the cool little interviews and all that cool jazz. However, it wasn’t without its flaws. There was some interlacing artifacts and the audio cut out for about 7 seconds, but overall this was an amazing experience, almost as if I was time-warped back to 2000. If you wish to see some pictures I took, click here. More blog posts to come, and I’ll see you soon.

10/12/2020: Thomas got a reboot wtf?

Recently, Mattel dropped a new image for the upcoming Thomas & Friends reboot. And I have mixed feelings about it. They pretty much ripped the core elements of what made Thomas... well, Thomas, out of the show, made it 2D flash animation (which I think Nelvana may be in charge of, but who knows), and pretty much admitted that the Thomas we knew and loved is dead. HOWEVER, I will not be giving out a proper opinion until the first few episodes of this reboot come out and/or surface on YouTube in some way. The only good thing I can say is that Thomas kinda looks cute imo, but that may just be me. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

10/10/2020: Happy Birthday MLP;FIM!

If you ever follow my YouTube channel, you'll know that I am a Brony. Admitedly, I am not as much of a brony as I was back in 2014, but I still have an apprecialtion for the show, so I still care that it exists. If you hate the show, then my channel isn't for you. To celebrate the anniversarry of the show, I may upload a scrapped Y0Y0Evan video later this month to the Y0Y0Evan Archive channel, but I may not since it contains copyrighted material, so yeah. Anyways, more blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

10/1/2020: HTML coding is fun and idk why

Not too long ago, I started this website. And I'll be damned it it's not one of the most fun things I've been doing in my spare time since Scratch. I'm not exactly sure how far I'm gonna go with this site, but I hope to make it as good, if not better than my initial vision for my own website that I first came up with in 2013. More blog posts to come, and I'll see you soon.

More posts coming soon!